SITS Global Network

The countries highlighted in red are a part of the SITS Global Network. Click on a country for more information.

SITS is a world-leading stroke network with over 1600 stroke centres. The network includes a broad range of hospitals, with the participation of many leading stroke experts.


The network consist of:

  • 3000 stroke professionals.
  • Over 80 countries.
  • Regional networks to strengthen research within their region.
  • Access to internationally renowned researchers.
  • An opportunity to be part of high-impact studies.


If you would like to become a part of the SITS global network, you can apply for membership.

View the full list of countries and their National Coordinators, including their Associated National Coordinators and their Regional National Coordinators in the SITS Global Network.

View the current networks: SITS-EAST, SITS-SIECV, SITS-MENA, SITS-NORDIC, SITS Sub-Saharan Africa and SITS-INDIA.